WIP Wednesday


Why, you may ask, am I spending exponentially more time on my own garb than on garb for the Queen?  Well, that is because the Queen is getting some chic little Bronze Age wrap dresses while I am getting some Little Ice Age chimera of wool, canvas, and linen that I probably won’t even be able to get dressed in by myself.  The moral of the story:  don’t be late period.  Just don’t.  Being able to get dressed by yourself in 10 minutes or less is where it’s at.

Commission for HM Nasheeta

3.5 Constructing gowns

German by Twelfth Night

0.25 Purchasing thread

8.25 Flatlining and cutting fashion fabric

2.5 Machine stitching long seams

15.0 Hand finishing seams

1.75 Mounting pleats on waist stay

General Matters

0.25 Reviewing and commenting on student research

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