WIP Wednesday


Many of you who are reading this blog probably know that I am a lawyer by profession, which means I have long seen the Laurel path through a similar lens, with junior associates and apprentices/unbelted artisans working on projects with partners and peers in order to improve their knowledge and skill sets with a view to someday making partner or Laurel and setting up their own workshop.  I’m formatting my WIP blog posts like I would format a bill for legal services and I’m trying to convey information about the types of steps involved in a project and the amount of time that you as an artisan might want to give yourself to work on a similar project.  This week is the first week of blogging that I had other artisans working with me in a supporting/learning role, so I’ve tried to also reflect the time that they spent on the projects they helped me on.

German by Twelfth Night

8.5 Constructing full mockup of gown

Commission for HM Nasheeta

1.5 Selecting fabric in consultation with HM (same time was also spent by two junior artisans)

0.25 Consulting with Mistress Issabbella about pattern for gown

2.75 Pattern drafting and initial fitting of toile with HM (each junior artisan spent 0.75 as well)

0.25 Pre-washing fabric for commissions

General Matters

0.5 Fabric shopping

4.75 Knitting hats for largesse

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